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How to bring your idea to life

You have a great idea about a physical product and you are excited about realizing your idea. But maybe you are not skilled in that and don’t know how to bring idea to life. Especially if you are a hobbyist or inventor, you are eager to turn your ideas into reality. Then maybe you have questions: How to start? What files should I prepare? Where can I manufacture product prototype? The following are some simple steps.

1. Prepare technical documents for your idea

If you want to bring idea to life, the first step is to prepare technical documents that describe your idea in a professional way. Usually you should try to get 3d model, 2d drawing or both. There are at least four methods to obtain these documents.

1.1 Download 3D models from an online marketplace

1.2 Create 3D model from photos

1.3 Get 3D models from 3D scanner

1.4 Prepare technical documents by yourself

2. Manufacture product prototype

Before manufacturing, you can create 3D PDF format file from your 3d model, and communicate with other people. After the 3D model or 2d drawing is ready, you can look for a supplier to help you make a prototype. Or you can manufacture product prototype on 3D printer, CNC Router or some other machines by yourself. Then you will get a physical object of your idea.

3. Optimize design and manufacture prototypes again

After you get the first prototype, you need to measure and test the product. In this way you will know if you need to optimize the design again.

If the first prototype is ok, you can manufacture more products; And if the first prototype need to optimize, maybe you need to manufacture the second, third or more prototypes.

4. Production in small batch

After you verify the product prototypes, you can manufacture the product in a small batch and then sell them. Try to gather information from the customers in order to improve the product in the future. In this step, post process is necessary, because it is a commercial product now.

Many of post processes could be completed in your workshop, and you can send the objects to a specialty shop to ensure you get clean, professional results too. Many methods require a degree of skill and experience, so it is best to let the supplier do that for you. And you just need to describe that in your technical documents.

5. Mass manufacturing-the last step to bring idea to life

After small batch production, you have got feedback from customers. Now you can try to optimize the product again or you can make a great amount of the product.

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